Charlotte Lu becomes the CEO of Collins & Collins

spoiler…and we all know what happens to Bing Lee and Jane Bennett (if you haven’t read pride and prejudice..and/or watch these v-blogs…you are missing out!)



and Charlotte Lu!

She is Lizzie Bennet’s best friend and confidant who is in charge of editing Lizzie’s v-logs. Charlotte ends up working for a digital video production company called Collins & Collins, founded by venture captialist Mr. Ricky Collins. And she is awesome!


Bing Lee…

Currently obsessed with the Lizzie Bennet Diaries with Bing Lee..who is Jane Bennet’s love interest. He is currently studying to be a doctor and is a total sweethart to Jane…tending to her every need…although Mr. Darcy is my favorite too!


Tina Cohen-Chang – Hung Up




Great short video created by the Jubilee Project in shedding light on autistic children


I Don’t Know How to Love Him – Glee

Tina’s (played by Jenna Ushkowitz) amazing rendition of the Jesus Christ Superstar song in her attempt to ask Blaine to the Sadie Hawkins Dance…though kinda random Blaine&Tina….but beautiful! Hopefully we hear more songs from Tina!


Mazie Hirono is sworn into the US Senate

Also  Mazie and Tulsi are breaking congressional barriers by becoming the first Buddhist and Hindu, respectively, to serve in Congress

Tulsi Gabbard further discusses being the first to use the Bhagavad Gita when sworn into the House of Representatives

And Ami Bera becomes the third Indian American member of the US Congress


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