Brittany Ishibashi – Star of my new favorite show, Political Animals as Anne Ogami

One of the shows I’ve been really obsessing over this summer (other than Suits) is Political Animals on USA. This mini-series centers around Elaine Barish Hammond ( played by Sigourney Weaver) and her family as they encounter the challenges of being in the media spotlight. Hammond’s story is clearly adapted from that Hillary Clinton’s real life. Elaine’s husband, Bud was the previous president in the United States who cheat on his wife while in office. After he leaves office, she runs for the presidency and ends up losing in the primaries but the new President picks her as his Secretary of State. During her term as Secretary of State, Elaine plots to run for the Presidency again.

One of the stars in the show is Brittany Ishibashi who plays Anne Ogami, the fiancée of Douglas Hammond. Douglas is Elaine’s youngest son who is also her chief of staff/campaign manager. Brittany’s character plays more of supportive role so far in Political Animals as her Anne’s fiancée encounters the struggles of his mother strives to be President of the United States and his brother TJ having a substance abuse problem. However, Anne does have problems of her own which Brittany portrays really well such as battling anorexia and the pressures of marrying into a political family. This aspect is clearly emphasized in the first episodes when both Anne and Douglas’s families have dinner in celebrating the engagement of the couple. Anne wants to have a small private wedding but Elaine wants a big wedding at the zoo.

We then learn more about Anne in the recent episode this past Sunday on August 5th. She is interior designer and works for a big firm in Washington DC. While I am happy that Asian American woman is playing a prominent character on prime time TV drama involving politician’s families, I hope the show develops more on Anne’s character and bring her more into spotlight other than being Douglas’s fiancée such as why does she have an anorexia problem and will she and Douglas eventually get married or will their relationship survive Douglas’s mom’s presidential running.