Relationship Quotes from our girl, Mindy Lahiri!

As you can tell, this blog is strongly obsessed with Mindy Kaling and her show, the Mindy Project.  Recently, TV Rage posted Mindy’s 12 relationship quotes just in time for Valentine’s Day. From watching the show so far, Mindy’s love life is so far not so perfect and kind of all over the place…and she has yet to find Mr.Right…which is the case for a lot of us (like me) Anyways, here is 6 of the 12 of my favorite Mindy quotes posted by TV Rage.

1. Mindy and Relationship Pacts
Chris Messina and Mindy Kaling on The Mindy Project
At Mindy’s Christmas party, she found out that her boyfriend, Josh (Tommy Dewey), had a secret girlfriend. The bad part? Mindy was the other woman, which sent her into a downward spiral and resulted in the following convo with fellow doctor Danny (Chris Messina):

“Danny, if we’re still single in five years, and we haven’t found anybody, can we make a pact . . .  that we’ll kill each other?”

2. Mindy Looks to Julia Roberts
Mindy Kaling on The Mindy Project
Once again, the romantic comedies come into play. Who is better to look up to than “Pretty Woman” herself, Julia Roberts? Though, she didn’t seem to help Mindy out too much:

“Maybe I won’t get married, you know? Maybe I’ll do one of those “Eat, Pray, Love” things. Ugh, no. I don’t wanna pray. Forget it. I’ll die alone.”

3. Mindy’s Life Partner
Mindy Kaling on The Mindy Project
What’s that one thing every woman pictures doing with her life partner? Of course, it’s apple picking! Before settling down, Mindy recommends having a great sex life, and then you can indulge in the above “juicy” activity:

“People seem to be having these awesome sex lives and I’m just trying to find a life partner to go apple-picking with. What’s wrong with me?”

4. Mindy and Appearance
Anna Camp and Mindy Kaling on The Mindy Project
Sometimes women just can’t keep it together, especially appearance wise. At least, Mindy owns up to her sloppiness and messy love life:

“I just figured if I’m going to be a mess – might as well be a hot mess, right?”

5. Mindy and Condom Etiquette
Mindy Kaling on The Mindy Project
If you ever wanted to know what’s going on in a woman’s mind regarding condoms – go no further. Thank you, Mindy:

“Condom etiquette. It’s hard for women, you know? Because you want to have condoms, but you can’t keep them by the bed, because then it seems like you’re, like, using them constantly … So, then you have to do that whole dance like, ‘Oh, hey, I might have some somewhere from that bachelorette party I had as a goof!’”

6. Mindy and STD’s
Mindy Kaling on The Mindy Project
It’s always beneficial to have a doctor educate us about relationships and STD’s. That’s just what Mindy did for a group of high school girls:

“But, I’ll tell you one thing that always lasts forever. Herpes. It’s gross, and it’s horrible, Google image search it.”

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The Last.

This short film truly touched my heart….Harry Shum jr. is so hot!


Who. What. When. Where. Why.

I saw this video from Wong Fu Productions earlier today and it truly inspired me. Particularly because I’m now at a point in life where I can understand the perspective. Who. What. When. Where. Why.

Who. The one we idealize. The fantasy. The dream love.

What. The one we truly know inside and out. The best friend.

When. The one who we get to be young and naive with. The ageless love.

Where. The one we would follow across land, sea, and the stars, just to be with.

Why. The one who teaches us about love and gives us meaning.

So, what are your five loves? And who, is your sixth?

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