The Last.

This short film truly touched my heart….Harry Shum jr. is so hot!


Who. What. When. Where. Why.

I saw this video from Wong Fu Productions earlier today and it truly inspired me. Particularly because I’m now at a point in life where I can understand the perspective. Who. What. When. Where. Why.

Who. The one we idealize. The fantasy. The dream love.

What. The one we truly know inside and out. The best friend.

When. The one who we get to be young and naive with. The ageless love.

Where. The one we would follow across land, sea, and the stars, just to be with.

Why. The one who teaches us about love and gives us meaning.

So, what are your five loves? And who, is your sixth?

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A Touching Moment between Mike Chang and his parents

I am a HUGE GLEEK because I love music and singing and the show reminded me a lot of my time in my high school choir. I was particularly happy when they put more focus on Mike and Tina’s relationship and developed more on Mike’s character with the introduction of his family (even though the episode played up to the Asian stereotypes of Asians fussing over not getting As). However, I loved how Mike’s dad ultimately saw Mike’s passion for dancing and both his parents were willing to support his future in performing arts and his own choices for a career (something I definitely experienced with my parents through high school and college).

This clip is a deleted scene from Season 3 where Tina and Mike talk about how they will survive a long distance relationship when Mike is attending Joffrey Dance school in Chicago (upcoming season speculate Artie may come between them). Later in this scene, Mike’s parents present Mike with a very touching gift. After watching this clip, they should have put this on the last episode of the Season!