Excerpts of Edward Liang – Age of Innocence

Last post, I added a news link about Edwaard Liang’s Age of Innocence dance performance piece by the Joffrey School. Here is video showing snippets of the performance. Might I say the choreography is exhilirating and eloquent especially the chemistry between the dance partners. You can really tell the amount of emotion and passion they put into their performance in order express their internal feelings (as Cheryl Burke would say about dancing)


What’s Going On?

Ezra Klein and Evan Solta talks about how the Asian American vote matters in the 2012 November Election

Suzy Khimm writes about how to reform the filibuster without taking a vote

Kamala Harris, California Attorney General, will be a one the of keynote speakers addressing next month’s  Democratic National Convention

Choreographer Edwaard Liang’s Age of Innocence is being performed by the Joffrey Ballet to conclude Jacob’s Pillow 80th Anniversary Season August 22-26 in a rare east coast appearance