Hawaii’s congresswoman-elect Tulsi Gabbard is the one to watch!

Also Congratulations to…

Tammy Duckworth on her House Rep seat for Illinois’s 8th Congressional District

Mazie Hirano on her Senate seat for Hawaii (first Asian American woman to the Senate!)

Judy Chu on being re-elected to her House Rep seat for California’s  27th District

Mark Takano on being elected as US Rep for California’s 41st District

Mike Honda on being re-elected back to house for California’s 17th District

What’s going On?

LA News Anchor, David Ono honored at Asian American Journalists Association for his documentary “Witness: American Heroes”

California’s Central Valley School District and civil rights group have struck a deal to benefit young English language learners of immigrant families

Grace Meng raises $1 million in her quest to become the first Asian American to represent New York in Congress

Suzy Khimm discusses on which illegal immigrants benefit from Obama’s deportation relief

The Center For American Progress report that Asian American women earn 20.3 percent less than Asian American men

What’s Going On?

Local Boston fashion blogger Jean Wong provides some fashion tips for those of us who are extra petite

Lisa Ling’s new show, Our America with Lisa Ling, on the OWN network has been well-praised and strongly recommended to watch by the NY post

A Record Number of Asian Americans are running for U.S. Congress