Time Magazine’s World’s 100 Most Influential People

Here are some of the big names identified on such a prestigious list! We definitely agree!

Kamala Harris, Attorney General of California

Andrew Ng, founder of Coursera

Perry Chen, CEO of Kickstarter

Erica Kochi, Co-Lead for Tech Innovation at UNICEF


Mindy Kaling, creator and star of the Mindy Project!

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What’s Going On?

Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus introduced the Filipino Veterans Fairness Act 

Elementary has been picked up for a Second Season!

In his lifetime, film critic Roger Ebert defended Asian American Cinema  

Dr. Mindy Lahiri and many other female Physicians and Surgeons like her deserve a pay raise! And get recognized!

Kristen Kish wins Top Chef!

I’m so happy that Kristen won Top Chef Season 10: Seattle. I was rooting for her throughout the whole season. Like many others, I was totally devastated when she was eliminated during Restaurant Wars (granted she did claim the failure was her responsibility). But I was psyched to see her totally dominate the competition on Last Chance Kitchen and gaining redemption and eventually making it to the finale of Top Chef. (Did we mention she won?!)

Also her performance both inside and outside the kitchen was noticeably commendable. In the past, what I have observed of Asian American women (the rare presence of) in Reality TV competitions is of two extremes. One extreme is they are weak and submissive to their competition and fall victim to bullying by fellow competitors and becoming defenseless or relying on others to stand up for them. (Example: Beth from last season’s Top Chef Texas and Gina Choe on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 6), emphasizing a stereotype that Asian American women are quiet and shy and do not speak out. The next extreme is they are tough loud rude mouths (Example: This season’s Josie and America’s Next Top Model’s Sheena Sakai from Cycle 11). Or they are more in the background where their accomplishments are not recognized and they work within the mastermind plan but people still wonder why they are still in the competition (Example Becky from Survivor…the season where they made a social experiment of dividing the tribes by race) .

In contrast, Kristen breaks all those stereotypical barriers with her Top Chef win. On Top Chef, Kristen clearly did not show herself to be the loud dramatic one. She came to Top Chef to win it all and focus on her food and cooking and not cause any tension. However, she does appear as likeable and friendly among competitors (Stefan constantly calls her his wifey). At the same time, Kristen clearly does not come across as a quiet weakling. Throughout the season, Kristin has cooked many delicious dishes that won her quickfire and elimination challenges. She appears determined and confident that she should and will win. However, Kristen remains humbled by her wins (I love the parts when Padma announces her name in winning the best dish and Kristin says “Are you kidding me?!) She definitely is not someone who gives up after being thrown down. She gets back up and gets stronger as shown during last chance kitchen challenges. Kristin definitely learns from her mistakes and acknowledges her strengths as seen in the finale, giving her the win.  Moreover, the judges and her competitors and the Top Chef fans respect and admire her as an accomplished chef who will go so far and has a wonderful future ahead of her.

PS. I love the fact that Top Chef did a little bio of her in the finale where Kristen explains how she was adopted when she was a baby from Korea and how her family supports her career choice to become a chef and her goal of going to Korea to get to understand her cultural heritage!

PSS. Sheldon wins Top Chef Fan Favorite!

“I have such a rich fantasy life, I can’t help it. I do make up a lot of romantic stories in my head.”-Mindy Kaling



Hello Babes!

As you all know I love all things fashion, entertainment and food related. Ok, you might not know it because…well, you don’t know me. And it’s not ALL.

But I digress. So I have,and I’m not afraid to say–mostly because it’s not something embarrassing for once–that I have hopped on the Girls  bandwagon and am willing to ride that shit like the Slumdog Millionaire boys! I resisted because, well, who says I can’t watch marathons of 16 andPregnant and still be a sassy, intelligent modern woman! Plus I ‘m pretty sure it accounts for half the reason I’m not stuck in a small apartment with fours roommates and my six freakishly beautiful but tyrannical children. The other half is split between the Pill and creative ambition.

So, I blame two entities for my newfound obsession–trust me that’s saying a lot considering Friends topped my television chart for the last 15 years (kind of…

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And this happened on the Food Network!

Chef Viet Pham beats Bobby Flay in the secret ingredient, ground meat…reason Viet Pham went  the extra mile in making ground beef ice cream that tasted good…and all Bobby Flay made was burgers and meatballs.

And Hines Ward is competing on Rachael vs. Guy on the Rachael Ray Team!

Top 10 Moments of 2012

For this blog’s 100th post, I will be counting down the top 10 moments of 2012 for Asian Americans

10. US Olympic Swimmer Nathan Adrian wins Gold for his 100 m swim at London 2012 which he also won the Golden Goggles

 9. Paul Qui becomes the second Asian American to win Top Chef and wins the James Beard Award for Best Chef: Southwest

8. Susan Choi is given the James Beard Journalism Profile Award for her article “The Spice Wizardry of Lior Lev Sercarz” published in Food and Wine Magazine 

7. Kyla Ross along with her fellow US gymnasts of the Fierce Five wins gold medal in Team Performance

6. The Mindy Project makes its debut!

5. President Obama nominates first Asian American Lesbian Federal Judge

Senate panel advances  first lesbian Asian American judge

4.  Kal Penn, co-chair of President Obama’s re-election campaign,  delivered a fired up speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention

3. November 2012 election reigns in historic majority house representations of women and minorities for the Democratic party including 7 Asian Americans


2. Also, the 2012 election mobilized a higher voter turnout of Asian Americans than in 2008 with 73 percent of their votes to re-elect President Obama, the highest percentage ever of Asian American vote for any single candidate 

1. Hawaii elects the first Asian American woman, Mazie Hirono to the U.S Senate

What’s Going On?

Mindy Kaling and Reese Witherspoon are lunch buddies and would love to work together! 

Lisa Ling talks about her pregancy and her career and tells the truth 

Senator Inouye leaves a legacy 

Congrats to the NAACP Image Award Nominees!

Best Comedy Series 

Best Supporting Actor in A Comedy Series 

Best Actress in A Drama Series 

Supporting Actress in a Drama Series 

Recap of “Two to One” – The Mindy Project

Who didn’t love the Mindy Project last week? Last week’s Mindy definitely took on the injustices of sexism and gender inequality in the workplace in a comedic lens. The episode first starts off with Mindy being overworked and delivering babies late at night. Later, Mindy and her two colleagues, Danny and Jeremy find out that their boss, Marc Shulman has decided to leave his practice and requested that these three MDs run the practice in partnership. Danny and Jeremy, however, take advantage of their 2 male majority over Mindy and decide to make all the executive decisions without her such as putting Jeremy’s face on the advertisements. Mindy keeps pointing out that she is a head doctor in this practice as well and she should put in her views how the practice should run but Danny and Jeremy keep putting her off. For example, she wanted Shulman’s office to become a research and service center focusing on pre-natal care for their pregnant women. Instead, Danny and Jeremy decide to turn that room into storage. Then they tell Mindy to go have her “best friend” day with her girlfriends. After many attempts of insisting she should stay in the office and help reorganized the leadership structure, Mindy decides to give in and go shopping with her girlfriends.

Danny and Jeremy, however, face a bigger challenge in the office as they start losing their patients to a midwifery service in the floor above them who uses natural/organic and non-medical methods to help women give birth. They unsuccessfully attempt to gain back their patients by not transferring the patients’ files to the midwives’ office and aggressively demanding their patients they stay with them (well Jeremy tries to seduce them). Danny and Jeremy even try to talk to the midwives and even insult them…however that didn’t work either. Jeremy then admits that maybe they should let Mindy handle this issue. Not wanting to lose his pride and ego, Danny keeps denying that they need Mindy. However, the receptionist, Betsy quietly contacts Mindy while she is shopping to beg her to avert the disaster in the office.

Mindy, however, ignores Betsy’s requests…until she finds out that her patient transferred to the midwifery service…that’s where Mindy realizes she needs to be the one to save the practice and get back their patients. She immediately returns to the office and gathers the staff and they march right up to the midwifery office and tell those midwives who is the boss by intelligently stating the facts and procedures of midwifery versus delivering a baby via OBGYN.  They came in with a bang (literally!). Mindy specifically points out with even the support of the midwife that if there are complications at birth, midwives still would tell their patients to go to an OBGYN. As a triumphant result, Mindy gets back the patients for their practice…and Danny finally gives in realizing the importance of Mindy’s contribution and even takes up her idea of turning  Shulman’s office into a pre-natal research and service center for their patients. Goes to show, when women are in charge, they get things done! Looking forward to tonight’s episode!

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