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Though I don’t agree with some of his policies, glad he points out that his party needs to straighten things out

Making history!

Mixing the Paint

NEW YORK, New York — Grace Meng became the first Asian-American from New York to be elected to Congress on Tuesday, beating out Republican Councilman Dan Halloran.

The Democrat from Queens downplayed being an Asian-American and focused her acceptance speech as a woman in government.

“Tonight is historic in that we’ve taken one small step in getting more women elected to government,” Meng said. “More women in government means practical attention on how families educate their children, how they pay their bills, how they worship, how they participate in their community and how they plan for the future.”

Austin Finan, a spokesman for Meng said “As proud as Grace is to be a Chinese-American woman, she’s equally as proud to be a woman, a mother, and that speaks to the people in the district who are not Asian-American.”

When it comes to making history, the apple didn’t fall far from…

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fascinating insight

Naive Politico

Over the past week, I read two opinion articles on Politico about why Asian-Americans should vote for Obama or Romney by Rep. Judy Chu and Lanhee Chen (Romney policy director), respectively.  I wasn’t sure whether to be happy or frustrated that either of them were reaching out to me as part of some monolithic bloc.  As numerous others already know, the Asian-American bloc is not aptly named.  The differences among the various Asian countries are probably even more so than here in America by religion, ethnicity, income, standard of living, and a host of other characteristics.

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We can’t get enough of the Mindy Project!

Evette Dionne

I’m an ardent television junkie who’s spent the past 18 or so hours flipping between MSNBC’s weekend overdose of politics, the “48 Hours” marathon on OWN and HBO movies. Since I’m a devoted television viewer, I am introducing TV Blocks, a new segment, to this platform.

Once a week (or more when needed), I will discuss the programs I adore. Expect “Scandal,” “Real Time with Bill Maher” and “Dexter” to appear in November. I will also spotlight network shows that were surprisingly and unfairly canceled e.g. “Jane by Design” and “Made in Jersey” and nostalgic memories attached to classics such as “Martin,” “Living Single” and “Good Times.” Consider this is the first block.

I’ve never watched a single episode of “The Office.” Though I’ve been informed that it’s brilliant, the comedic staple has never appealed to me. I recognize and appreciate the cult-like following it’s achieved, but I haven’t sipped…

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Asian Americans show ballot box power (video)

this is pretty awesome!

The Last.

This short film truly touched my heart….Harry Shum jr. is so hot!


Who. What. When. Where. Why.

I saw this video from Wong Fu Productions earlier today and it truly inspired me. Particularly because I’m now at a point in life where I can understand the perspective. Who. What. When. Where. Why.

Who. The one we idealize. The fantasy. The dream love.

What. The one we truly know inside and out. The best friend.

When. The one who we get to be young and naive with. The ageless love.

Where. The one we would follow across land, sea, and the stars, just to be with.

Why. The one who teaches us about love and gives us meaning.

So, what are your five loves? And who, is your sixth?

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