Well-Said, Mulan.

Well-Said, Mulan.


Update on TV 2011-2012


Ok. I was totally gutted when Suits placed their summer finale so early. Now we have to wait till January for new episodes. The USA Network just loves to leave us hanging. Will Rachel and Mike get back together? Will Hardman take his revenge on Jessica with Louis as his inside man? Will we ever find out what Harvey and Donna actually do with the can opener?

Anyways this what we do will happen in the upcoming suits. Louis is in the hunt for an associate! One of his potential associates is going to be played by Aarti Mann. She played Raj’s sister and Leonard’s girlfriend, on the Big Bang Theory (fitting cause she played a lawyer on that show too!). Apparently Louis is the one fighting for her since she’s a a hot shot harvard law graduate that every firm in New York wants. I am totally excited for this especially for Aarti’s character’s encounters with Louis Litt (played by Rick Hoffman) and outsmarting him. If she can outsmart Sheldon Cooper on a roommate agreement, Louis Litt will be a not so tough challenge! Or could we see her get in a riff with Mike Ross or Harvey Spector?! Ugh! January can’t come sooner!

Now on to my other favorite show…Once Upon A Time

As the season 2 premiere nears, we learn more about new fairytale characters will appear this season including Mulan who will be played by Jamie Chung (she was on MTV’s the Real World San Diego). According to the Huffington Post, Mulan will appear in an episode where she helps Prince Philip find Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty). She also develops a relationship with Sleeping Beauty. So can we expect serious sword fighting between Mulan, decked out in armor, and the dragon (Malificent). We’re just going to have to find out.

While we’re on a roll, here are two new shows to look forward to.


Lucy Liu will play  Watson (I know a woman playing Watson!) in a modern-day twist of the Sherlock Homes Series. Set in NYC, Holmes is a recovering alcoholic and out of rehab whose sober partner is Watson and is a former police consultant. Both of them band together as they take on Moriarty (Holmes’s well-known nemesis).  Hopefully there will be more information ahead of this show’s premiere. Hmm maybe she’ll bring a Detective Eames vibe to the Watson character.

The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project

Mindy Kaling (who appeared on the Office) will have her own sitcom on Fox entitled The Mindy Project. The show will center around Mindy, who is a OBGYN, talking about her obsessions with romantic comedies (liking this so far..) and her troubles with relationships and dating and love and making decisions during her early thirties. From her heartbreak with Tom who dumped her to marry a younger woman to a love triangle between 2 other doctors. (more excited!) Can’t wait to see how this show shapes up considering her work on the Office and the fact that she is the executive producer of this show.

Fall 2012 TV Show Line-Ups

Since Summer is coming close to an end and fall is coming soon. That only means Fall TV line-up! Here are shows I’m looking forward to:

The Big Bang Theory

Premieres: Thursday September 27 at 8 pm

Raj might finally get a GIRLFRIEND!

Once Upon A Time

Premieres: September 30th 2012 at 8 pm

Once Upon A Time Mulan

Back to Storybrook with an appearance by Mulan (played by Real World San Diego’s Jamie Chung)

And of course…


with the potential Mike/Tina/Artie triangle!