What’s Going On?

Eric Shinseki will remain as Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs for President Obama’s second term

On Top Chef’s restaurant wars, it’s going to be Kristen’s formal french Atelier Kinan vs Sheldon’s homey Filipino food

Big Bang Theory wins People’s Choice Award for Favorite TV Comedy!

Top 10 Moments of 2012

For this blog’s 100th post, I will be counting down the top 10 moments of 2012 for Asian Americans

10. US Olympic Swimmer Nathan Adrian wins Gold for his 100 m swim at London 2012 which he also won the Golden Goggles

 9. Paul Qui becomes the second Asian American to win Top Chef and wins the James Beard Award for Best Chef: Southwest

8. Susan Choi is given the James Beard Journalism Profile Award for her article “The Spice Wizardry of Lior Lev Sercarz” published in Food and Wine Magazine 

7. Kyla Ross along with her fellow US gymnasts of the Fierce Five wins gold medal in Team Performance

6. The Mindy Project makes its debut!

5. President Obama nominates first Asian American Lesbian Federal Judge

Senate panel advances  first lesbian Asian American judge

4.  Kal Penn, co-chair of President Obama’s re-election campaign,  delivered a fired up speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention

3. November 2012 election reigns in historic majority house representations of women and minorities for the Democratic party including 7 Asian Americans


2. Also, the 2012 election mobilized a higher voter turnout of Asian Americans than in 2008 with 73 percent of their votes to re-elect President Obama, the highest percentage ever of Asian American vote for any single candidate 

1. Hawaii elects the first Asian American woman, Mazie Hirono to the U.S Senate

What’s Going On?

Mindy Kaling and Reese Witherspoon are lunch buddies and would love to work together! 

Lisa Ling talks about her pregancy and her career and tells the truth 

Senator Inouye leaves a legacy 

RIP Senator Daniel Inouye



Served in the U.S. Senate since 1963

Congrats to the NAACP Image Award Nominees!

Best Comedy Series 

Best Supporting Actor in A Comedy Series 

Best Actress in A Drama Series 

Supporting Actress in a Drama Series 

What’s Going On?

Mazie Hirono is also the first Buddhist American to serve in the US Senate

President Barack Obama received 72% of the Asian American vote while only 41% of the population identify as Democrat

Suzy Khimm exposes the millenial deficit hawks and how the deficit outcomes affects the future generation

George Takei, BD Wong, and Margaret Cho identified as some of the most influential LGBT Asian icons 

What’s Going On?

Suzy Khimm writes about the economic impact of Hurricane Sandy 

MSNBC’s Alex Wagner named as one of the Next Wave of Political Pundits 

According to the New York Observer, Asian Americans have become the New Jews in the city’s elite schools

Survivor winner Yul Kwon discusses Asian American Success Stories

What’s Going On?

Mindy Kaling talks about her show and health on USA Weekend

An Asian American University of Texas graduate writes why affirmative action is still needed in college admissions

Suzy Khimm reports most ordinary American consumers are either unaware or unconcerned with the fiscal cliff

What’s Going On?

Feministing.com’s Samhita discusses how Occupy Wall Street should enter mainstream political conversation

Suzy Khimm reports that fewer Americans believe the government has too much power

Office Star, BJ Novak talks about Mindy and the Mindy Project !

Korean American voters fully express their support for President Obama

The rise of Asian Americans in fashion isn’t that beautiful and as it seems according to the Wall Street Journal

What’s Going On?

Retired Sgt. David O. Chung, an Air Evac Medic, is awarded Purple Heart medal for his service in the Vietnam War

Vietnamese Americans react to Vietnamese government recent annoucement to changing its position and recognizing same-sex marriage as legal unions

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