What’s Going On?

Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus introduced the Filipino Veterans Fairness Act 

Elementary has been picked up for a Second Season!

In his lifetime, film critic Roger Ebert defended Asian American Cinema  

Dr. Mindy Lahiri and many other female Physicians and Surgeons like her deserve a pay raise! And get recognized!

What’s Going On?

The Mindy Project is renewed!

GOP has an Asian American problem 

The White House Initiative on Asian American and Pacific Islanders released a report illustrating the federal government’s progress addressing the needs of AAPIs and increase AAPI participation in federal programs and services 

Warner Bros names first Asian American Hollywood studio head 

Congratulations to Ang Lee!

He won Best Director for his movie “Life of Pi” at 2013 Academy Awards. This is his second Oscar win. He won in 2005 for “Brokeback Mountain”. He has certainly come a long away since father discouraged him from being in the film industry.

Film study was considered disgraceful by my father. – Ang Lee

He certainly proved his father wrong and made us proud!

Watched The Five Year Engagement tonight

Watched The Five Year Engagement tonight

…and discovered Mindy Kaling is in it!

Best Line:

“Their relationship was like a stale donut experiment”


Such a great project!

Asian Gay & Proud

Erica Cho is a previous Out and Successful interviewee on Asian, Gay and Proud, and we’re proud to support her in her new film Golden Golden about two queer transgendered API folks.  She needs to raise a few more thousand dollars to finish the remaining 2/3 of filming.  Please visit http://www.usaprojects.org/project/golden_golden to watch her video requesting your support.goldengolden


Golden Golden is a queer experimental short film about two broke community college students who visit a Filipina psychic known for her conjoined crystal balls. As Naoko and Lupe gaze into the magic orbs, each is confronted with their own set of transgender desires.

I am seeking funds to make this film happen. We have shot one-third of the film, but need to raise a minimum amount of $9600 to complete the rest. We will be shooting the final scenes in Los Angeles in January and March of 2013. The funds…

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