I Don’t Know How to Love Him – Glee

Tina’s (played by Jenna Ushkowitz) amazing rendition of the Jesus Christ Superstar song in her attempt to ask Blaine to the Sadie Hawkins Dance…though kinda random Blaine&Tina….but beautiful! Hopefully we hear more songs from Tina!


Congrats to the NAACP Image Award Nominees!

Best Comedy Series 

Best Supporting Actor in A Comedy Series 

Best Actress in A Drama Series 

Supporting Actress in a Drama Series 

Interesting thoughts…did not know Darren Criss is part Filipino part Chinese and Harry Shum Jr. was born in Costa Rica and Jenna was adopted! Hope Ryan Murphy should make stories out of that!

Multi Cultural Cooking Network

Although, we have featured many stories on cast members of Glee we are not Gleeks.   Why have we done story after story on cast members of Glee over the years?  The cast is so multi-cultural in comparison to many other shows on television.  That is refreshing.  Having worked in the casting department of several shows, I am definitely sensitive to the subject.  As a writer, I do think that Glee fails miserably when it comes to writing for African Americans and  it has some casting issues too.  It is my Achilles heel, one for each foot  but I am not going there today.  Let’s stay positive and simply recognize the cast.  In today’s society more than ever in the United States, you can’t judge a book by its cover.

For instance to look at the very popular Darren Criss, you think “White Boy.”  Well, you would be partly…

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So this happened last night…

So this happened last night...

Tina and Mike got back together on Glee!


Photo of the Day – Harry Shum jr. voted!

The Last.

This short film truly touched my heart….Harry Shum jr. is so hot!


Who. What. When. Where. Why.

I saw this video from Wong Fu Productions earlier today and it truly inspired me. Particularly because I’m now at a point in life where I can understand the perspective. Who. What. When. Where. Why.

Who. The one we idealize. The fantasy. The dream love.

What. The one we truly know inside and out. The best friend.

When. The one who we get to be young and naive with. The ageless love.

Where. The one we would follow across land, sea, and the stars, just to be with.

Why. The one who teaches us about love and gives us meaning.

So, what are your five loves? And who, is your sixth?

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Glee Remake of Call Me Maybe

We see Tina comes out of Rachel’s shadow…and we find out she broke up with Mike Chang 😦


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