I Feel Pretty (From Westside Story)

My friend Connie Lim covers “I Feel Pretty” from Westside Story with Josh Hand



Hibakusha Exclusive Clip

My friend, Connie Lim (whose music video, Fog Over Water was posted in previous blogs) is going to be voice of as the young leading lady (during her childhood) for the animated film, HIBAKUSHA. HIBAKUSHA” is an animated drama featuring Kaz Suyeishi, an 84 year old woman, who recalls her most vivid and horrific experiences as a 17 year old Hiroshima student during the morning of August 6, 1945 when the atomic bomb dropped on her hometown. The movie is directed by Choz Belen.


Connie Lim – Fog Over Water

Check out this amazing artist from Los Angeles and my best friend, Connie Lim with her latest video, Fog Over Water. She is supertalented and has such a unique sound and one of the sweetest people in the world!