What’s Going On?

Mindy Kaling talks about her show and health on USA Weekend

An Asian American University of Texas graduate writes why affirmative action is still needed in college admissions

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What’s Going On?

Asian American Youth Culture is coming of age in Los Angeles

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Should Asian Americans be excluded from Affirmative Action Programs/Diversity Scholarships in the United States?

Olympic Gold Medalist Nathan Adrian gets a street named after him in his hometown of Bremerton

What’s Going On?

Laura Ling does a special E! News documentary on bullying

Natalie Coughlin (who is a quarter filipino) talks about life outside the pool such as cooking lumpia

Asian American organizations are divided over Supreme Court case regarding whether universities should be allowed to consider race in admissions decisions

Minnesotan Ed Bok Lee wins American Book Award for his collection, “Whorled”