Caribbean Parade with Michelle Wu


This past Saturday, I spent the day walking with Michelle Wu at the Caribbean Carnival parade. We had a great turn out of volunteers and campaign staffers in getting Michelle’s name out there. The weather was bright and sunny but not too hot, perfect parade weather. The parade trek was about two miles, not too long. However, by the time we reached the finish line, I was exhausted. Fortunately, our positive team boasted a strong, energetic, and motivating spirit all the way through the walk that kept us going. We definitely Wu Wu Wued throughout the entire journey. The team passed out campaign literature on what Michelle plans to do for the city of Boston. We also reminded people to vote for Michelle on September 24th.


  I really applaud Michelle though. She was walking in heels first of all compared to the rest of us in sneakers and flip flops. Michelle did not show any sign of tiredness. There was a big smile on her face as she was waving to the crowd. In addition, she ran up to parade watchers (in her heels!) and hugged them and shook hands and took pictures. Michelle truly proves she wants to be people accessible and an active public servant. 

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