The Brown Girl Chronicles

A show about a hot young doctor saving lives and navigating the drama of the doctor’s lounge? Been there, done that, *yawn*!

A show about a hot Indo-American 30-something gynecologist, with a sharp sense of style and a sharper sense of humour?  Helloooooo Dr. Lahiri!

I’ve been religiously following the Mindy Project, Fox Network’s freshman comedy, since it premiered last fall, and in the wake of longstanding medical dramedies like Grey’s Anatomy and Scrubs, the Mindy Project is a bubbly breath of fresh air!

As executive producer, writer, and leading lady, Mindy Kaling is a powerhouse, bringing her comedic genius and experience from many years on the Office to this fun new show.

But beyond the comedic talent and witty banter she’s able to deliver week after week, Mindy Kaling is simply one badass brown woman who’s taking American viewers by storm! As people of colour (POCs), it’s rare to…

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