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We support family unity and reducing immigration backlogs. Families should not be divided across continents when we know that our society benefits by keeping them together. We are a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants, and it is time for us to reconcile these facts with a workable process for people who want to move here. These people share the same aspirations as past generations of newcomers who helped build this country. Their spirit and talent is not a threat to our nation’s prosperity – if anything, it’s been the secret to our success. And as our nation has benefited from diversity, so too will our immigration debate. Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders bring a unique perspective to this discussion, and without our input, the next stage in this great American experiment will be incomplete.

Judy Chu and Michael Honda, House Representatives of California on Immigration Reform and the important need to recognize Asian and Pacific Americans be part of the conversation. Great article, I’m glad Judy Chu is taking leadership on bringing more voices to immigration reform!

Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus

Read full blog on The Hill



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