Sometimes I’m tempted to introduce myself as the “female” version of Jeremy Lin—after all, we are both (relatively) tall, twenty-something, Christian, Taiwanese-Americans. Unfortunately, this also implies that I am good at basketball, when in reality I count walking to class as “exercise” when my doctor asks if I work out.

But I digress. Jeremy Lin’s story and the Linsanity that followed was a historic moment for Asian-Americans. It was about a year ago when NBA player Jeremy Lin went from being a relative unknown to a household name and cover story of Sports Illustrated magazine. It’ll be something we tell our grandkids about. Heck, even my grandfather knows who he is! I think he secretly hopes that one day I’ll marry Lin and we’ll have tall, semi-athletic kids who like basketball and dipping French fries in chocolate sundaes.


But aside from being the dream son-in-law for Chinese parents, Lin really…

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