Hinna Zeejah – Our Foot Soldier/Social Changer of the Week

Photo: After the tragedy in Newtown, Hinna, age 8, wrote President Obama a letter asking him to take action on gun violence. Today, she joined the President at the White House as he announced his plan: http://wh.gov/now-is-the-time

Ok I kinda took “Foot Soldier” from the amazing and fabulous Melissa Harris Perry show…but I thought we should recognize this incredible little girl Hinna Zeejah. She is a third grader in Oceanside school district in New York and one of the many children who wrote to President Barack Obama to take action on gun control and stopping violent massacres like the one in Sandy Hook Elementary school from happening. Clearly, the President listened to these children and invited Hinna and three others to his signing executive orders on gun control.


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