Recap of “Two to One” – The Mindy Project

Who didn’t love the Mindy Project last week? Last week’s Mindy definitely took on the injustices of sexism and gender inequality in the workplace in a comedic lens. The episode first starts off with Mindy being overworked and delivering babies late at night. Later, Mindy and her two colleagues, Danny and Jeremy find out that their boss, Marc Shulman has decided to leave his practice and requested that these three MDs run the practice in partnership. Danny and Jeremy, however, take advantage of their 2 male majority over Mindy and decide to make all the executive decisions without her such as putting Jeremy’s face on the advertisements. Mindy keeps pointing out that she is a head doctor in this practice as well and she should put in her views how the practice should run but Danny and Jeremy keep putting her off. For example, she wanted Shulman’s office to become a research and service center focusing on pre-natal care for their pregnant women. Instead, Danny and Jeremy decide to turn that room into storage. Then they tell Mindy to go have her “best friend” day with her girlfriends. After many attempts of insisting she should stay in the office and help reorganized the leadership structure, Mindy decides to give in and go shopping with her girlfriends.

Danny and Jeremy, however, face a bigger challenge in the office as they start losing their patients to a midwifery service in the floor above them who uses natural/organic and non-medical methods to help women give birth. They unsuccessfully attempt to gain back their patients by not transferring the patients’ files to the midwives’ office and aggressively demanding their patients they stay with them (well Jeremy tries to seduce them). Danny and Jeremy even try to talk to the midwives and even insult them…however that didn’t work either. Jeremy then admits that maybe they should let Mindy handle this issue. Not wanting to lose his pride and ego, Danny keeps denying that they need Mindy. However, the receptionist, Betsy quietly contacts Mindy while she is shopping to beg her to avert the disaster in the office.

Mindy, however, ignores Betsy’s requests…until she finds out that her patient transferred to the midwifery service…that’s where Mindy realizes she needs to be the one to save the practice and get back their patients. She immediately returns to the office and gathers the staff and they march right up to the midwifery office and tell those midwives who is the boss by intelligently stating the facts and procedures of midwifery versus delivering a baby via OBGYN.  They came in with a bang (literally!). Mindy specifically points out with even the support of the midwife that if there are complications at birth, midwives still would tell their patients to go to an OBGYN. As a triumphant result, Mindy gets back the patients for their practice…and Danny finally gives in realizing the importance of Mindy’s contribution and even takes up her idea of turning  Shulman’s office into a pre-natal research and service center for their patients. Goes to show, when women are in charge, they get things done! Looking forward to tonight’s episode!

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