Thoughts on Teen Patient

This has to be my favorite Mindy Project episode so far. At first, when Mindy Kaling announced she is going back to high school in this episode…I thought she was going to have bad flashbacks about her time in high school. But this episode totally surprised me in a very good way. Mindy’s neighbor, Sophia (who just looks like an adorable, sweet and innocent school girl) asks Mindy for birth control which instantly shocks Mindy…probably not realizing how her neighbor went from playing with American girl dolls to dating boys. Immediately going to big sister mode, Mindy says she wants to meet her boyfriend. Upon meeting Sophia’s boyfriend, she was immediately not impressed with Henry who does not plan to go to college and instead decides to stay in his parents’ basement and try to create mobile app. She was also deeply offended that upon asking what happens if Sophia becomes pregnant and has a baby when Henry says Sophia will stay home with the baby while he gets a job.  Later, Mindy tries to persuade Sophia to wait for the right time or a better guy who is highly educated and adult according to Mindy’s standards.  Sophia is clearly disappointed with Mindy’s advice and wants to meet Mindy’s new boyfriend, Josh and ask him some questions.  To Mindy’s dismay, Josh displays his flaws by saying he usually goes for sexy white chicks at clubs until he met Mindy and how he did not expect to stay with Mindy forever. Eventually Mindy realizes she needs to let Sophia make her own decisions. She then unexpectedly interrupts Sophia’s volleyball practice session to give her a condom which clearly prompted the attention of Sophia’s teammates and Mindy ends up passing out condoms to the entire women’s volleyball team and ends up in the principal’s office with Danny needing to bail her out.

What I liked about this episode is that Mindy, who plays a OBGYN doctor, gives strong advice to teen girls about having sex and the reasonable options of waiting/using protections and how they have their whole lives ahead of them and  emphasizes the reality about relationships lasting forever and how the girls have been manipulated by pop culture like Vampire Diaries about ideas of sex.  Loved her last note pointing out that what lasts forever?! Herpes! Emphasizing the dangers of obtaining STDs!  At that moment, I felt like finally…in a long time, a show telling teen girls about making the right choices about taking their seeking sexual relationships and not glamorizing it like other shows (yes Vampire Diaries).Hopefully more teens start tuning into the Mindy Project after that episode. Finally, I love how Mindy acts as a strong mentor/big sister to Sophia who eventually decides to wait to have sex and kind of provided this vibe where Sophia can talk to her about anything since Sophia does not have a mother. Moreover, I love how Sophia is an Asian American teen who as I first mentioned looks like an innocent geek-like teen but she too has questions about sexuality and social relationships, thus emphasizing that having sex and making those choices is not just an issue specifically faced by one or two racial groups.

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