We can’t get enough of the Mindy Project!

Evette Dionne

I’m an ardent television junkie who’s spent the past 18 or so hours flipping between MSNBC’s weekend overdose of politics, the “48 Hours” marathon on OWN and HBO movies. Since I’m a devoted television viewer, I am introducing TV Blocks, a new segment, to this platform.

Once a week (or more when needed), I will discuss the programs I adore. Expect “Scandal,” “Real Time with Bill Maher” and “Dexter” to appear in November. I will also spotlight network shows that were surprisingly and unfairly canceled e.g. “Jane by Design” and “Made in Jersey” and nostalgic memories attached to classics such as “Martin,” “Living Single” and “Good Times.” Consider this is the first block.

I’ve never watched a single episode of “The Office.” Though I’ve been informed that it’s brilliant, the comedic staple has never appealed to me. I recognize and appreciate the cult-like following it’s achieved, but I haven’t sipped…

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