“The F Word” by Hong Nguyen

Intersections of Asian Americans and Feminism..interesting

The Asian American Society

For a long time, I thought feminism had a negative aspect of it and that it represented anger towards men. Then I learned through history that women have been oppressed from their rights, and it was women like Susan B. Anthony who led the women’s rights movement that helped pave the way for others to continue the fight.

However, after this week’s readings (“The Development of Feminist Consciousness Among Asian American Women”; “Feeling Foreign in Feminism”; “Cartographies of Struggle: Third World Women and the Politics of Feminism”; and “Feminism and Indigenous Hawaiian Nationalism”) I learned that Asian American women have a hard time relating to white feminists due to their cultural backgrounds, struggles with racism and classism, and differences in their objectives and ideologies.

Since white women have never experienced racism as Asian and colored women did, they could never understand or relate to the struggles that Asian women have…

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