I don’t really know the answer why. But I hope the Food Network employs more Asian Americans like Aarti and Morimoto to have a diverse representation of home cooks and chefs

The Plaid Bag Connection

A counterpart question to “Why are there so many Asian food bloggers” and “Why are so many among them women” is “why are there so many prominent Asian chefs”? Celebrity chefs like USA’s Ming Tsai and Australia’s Luke Nguyen are introducing new foods to viewers on television. In Los Angeles, innovative foodies, many of them Asian, are driving the food truck boom and the expansion of non-traditional restaurants in “the 626.”

I don’t have an answer to this question, so I’m putting it out there for you all. Why do you think there so many prominent Asian people in the culinary professions? 

This morning’s blog post on Colorlines about Asian American chefs has some ideas to get us started:

As a new generation of Asian American chefs emerge, we see the how the second generation is developing a new, personal style of Asian American food that…

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