Watched the Mindy Project…

Because I couldn’t wait till September 25th premiere of the Mindy Project, I decided to watch the pilot available online. And I have to say that half an hour is not enough for the Mindy Project. When the show started, it seemed that Mindy was a shy and sweet innocent woman who never had a boyfriend and fantasizes about having one through watching romantic comedies. She ends up becoming a OBGYN/doctor. However, as the show progresses, Mindy totally sheds those perceptions. Mindy finally meets her boyfriend when they got stuck in the elevator (a typical romantic comedy setting). However, he ends up breaking up with her for another woman and Mindy attends their wedding years later drunk and trash talks about them. Mindy then ends up in jail in handcuffs after riding her bicycle from the wedding and jumping into a swimming pool intoxicated. Fortunately, she gets bailed by her friend. As the show continues, we see that Mindy’s social life is much more complicated as she balances her professional work life with her social life. The show does put emphasis about issues regarding her weight and the fact that she is curvy and she won’t get a boyfriend because she’s curvy. One of colleagues even tells her she should lose weight and dress according to her weight. But the best part was when she did not let the criticisms get to her. Mindy does recognize that she is curvy but she does let that stop her from pursuing a relationship and just tells her co-worker to “shut up”!

She does go on a date with someone she meets online but had to end it abruptly because she had to deliver a baby. Mindy also is caught in a potential love triangle between her co-workers (well she already uses one of them as an on-the-side sex partner after being frustrated of her date).’s not all black and white…and this is happening to/being portrayed by a woman of color…more specifically an Asian American woman who is a doctor? This is awesome! I can’t wait for the next episode.

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