Joanne Chang’s Flour Bakery – Delicious Lunches + Tasty Desserts

On Friday, I ate delicious lunch with my friend, Lesley at our favorite lunch spot, Flour Bakery and Café on Washington Street in the South End of Boston. She ordered the apple-wood smoked bacon sandwich with a freshly squeezed orange juice. I ate the breakfast egg and cheese sandwich with guacamole and no meat with a raspberry seltzer drink (It was amazing!). We both bought rice-krispy treats to go ( Flour has a way of luring you in displaying their beautiful baked goods right in front of you on the counter).

Flour bakery and café is founded by Joanne Chang. She owns two other bakeries in addition to the one on Washington street. Joanne also owns Myers-Chang Asian fusion restaurant with her husband, Chris. I came to learn of Joanne when she appeared on the Food Network (of course!) on Throwndown with Bobby Flay. She and Bobby competed on who can create the best sticky bun (Joanne totally out-witted Bobby).


Joanne is a Harvard graduate with a degree in Applied Mathematics and Economics. After spending years in management consulting, she decided to utilize her degree in a unique way and enter the food world and eventually open her own bakeshop and fulfill her love of baking pastries and cooking.  Joanne developed a mathematical equation to calculate the right amount of stickiness in a sticky bun. As a result, it has certainly paid off! (her sticky buns are scrumptious!). Every time I go to Flour, I try to order a sticky bun and get ecstatic when I get one (they’re always sold out by the afternoon). They are just so delightful!  If you are ever in Boston, I totally recommend going to Flour Bakery and taste Joanne’s incredible desserts. Aside from the sticky buns, I also love the apple snacking cake, the lemon ginger scones and banana bread pudding are fabulous!

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